How To Choose The Perfect Glamping Site For A Girls’ Getaway

Planning a girls’ getaway and looking for the ultimate outdoor experience? Look no further than glamping! This article will guide you through the process of choosing the perfect glamping site for your next adventure. From picturesque locations to luxurious accommodations, we’ve got you covered. So grab your girlfriends and get ready to embark on a memorable and glamorous retreat in the great outdoors.


When choosing the perfect glamping site for a girls’ getaway, the first thing you should consider is the location. Think about the distance you’re willing to travel and how far you want to be from civilization. Some people prefer a quick drive to their glamping site, while others enjoy a more remote experience. Assessing the distance will help you plan your travel logistics and determine how much time you’ll spend on the road.

Additionally, take into account the scenic surroundings of the glamping site. Is it nestled in the mountains, surrounded by lush forests, or situated by a picturesque coastline? The beauty of the natural surroundings can greatly enhance your glamping experience and provide a tranquil backdrop for fun and relaxation.

Research nearby attractions and activities that align with your interests. Whether you enjoy hiking, wine tasting, or exploring local culture, having access to nearby attractions can add excitement to your getaway. Consider the proximity of hiking trails, vineyards, museums, shopping areas, or any other activities that may interest you and your group.

Accommodation Types

Glamping offers a wide variety of accommodation types to suit different preferences and comfort levels. Tents are a popular choice, providing a more traditional camping feel, but with added luxury. Cabins offer a cozy and rustic atmosphere, perfect for a nostalgic and comfortable experience. Yurts provide a unique circular living space, often with stylish interiors and comfortable furnishings.

For a truly elevated experience, consider staying in a treehouse, where you can enjoy both the beauty of nature and the cozy comforts of home. RVs are another great option for those who want to bring their own accommodation on wheels while still enjoying the benefits of a glamping site. Cottages offer a charming and homey atmosphere, while safari tents provide a luxurious camping experience with spacious interiors and glamorous amenities.

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How To Choose The Perfect Glamping Site For A Girls Getaway


The amenities offered at a glamping site can greatly enhance your comfort and convenience during your girls’ getaway. Consider the bathroom facilities available. Do they have clean, modern bathrooms with flush toilets and hot showers? It’s important to ensure that the site provides adequate facilities to meet your needs and preferences.

Kitchen facilities can vary from site to site. If you plan on cooking your meals, make sure the glamping site offers well-equipped kitchens with cooking utensils, pots, and pans. Some sites even provide outdoor cooking areas or communal kitchens for a more social cooking experience.

Electricity and lighting are essential for charging electronic devices, providing ample lighting, and powering appliances. Check if the glamping site offers electricity and sufficient lighting options to meet your needs.

In today’s connected world, Wi-Fi and cell reception have become almost necessary amenities. If staying connected is important to you, make sure the glamping site offers reliable Wi-Fi and good cell reception.

Comfort during varying weather conditions is crucial. Check if the accommodations have heating and air conditioning options, ensuring you can stay comfortable in any season. Additionally, if you’re looking to unwind and relax, consider glamping sites that offer hot tubs or pools where you can indulge in ultimate relaxation.

Group Size and Accommodation Capacity

When planning a girls’ getaway, it’s important to determine the number of guests who will be attending. This will help you choose the right accommodation and ensure that everyone has enough space and comfort. Consider whether you want to stay together in one unit or have the option for separate areas.

Check the maximum occupancy of each accommodation to ensure it can comfortably accommodate your group size. Some accommodations might have limited sleeping spaces, so it’s essential to ensure that there are enough beds or sleeping arrangements for everyone.

If you have a larger group, consider the availability of multiple units or separate areas within the glamping site. This will allow everyone to have their own space while still enjoying the shared experience of the getaway.

How To Choose The Perfect Glamping Site For A Girls Getaway


Setting a budget for your girls’ glamping getaway is crucial to ensure you find the perfect site that aligns with your financial considerations. Determine how much you’re willing to spend on accommodations and allocate a portion of your budget for other expenses like food, transportation, and activities.

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Compare prices of different glamping sites to find one that fits within your budget. Keep in mind that prices can vary based on the location, amenities, and season. Some sites offer discounts or promotions for longer stays or mid-week bookings, so be sure to check for any special offers that can help you save money.

Consider additional fees or services that may be associated with the glamping site. Some sites charge extra for add-on amenities or services like firewood, bike rentals, or guided tours. Factor these costs into your budget to avoid any unexpected surprises.

Reviews and Ratings

Before finalizing your choice, take the time to read reviews from previous guests. These reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality and experience of the glamping site. Look for reviews that specifically mention cleanliness, amenities, customer service, and overall satisfaction.

Check ratings and recommendations from reputable platforms or travel websites. High ratings and positive recommendations can give you confidence in your choice and increase the chances of a successful and enjoyable girls’ getaway.

Consider the reputation of the glamping site within the industry and among other travelers. Sites with a good reputation are more likely to offer a high-quality experience and meet your expectations.

How To Choose The Perfect Glamping Site For A Girls Getaway

Safety and Security

Ensuring your safety and security should be a priority when choosing a glamping site. Research the site’s safety measures. Do they have fire safety equipment, emergency plans, or on-site security personnel? These measures can provide peace of mind during your stay.

Check if there are security personnel or surveillance on the glamping site. This can help prevent unauthorized access and ensure the safety of you and your group.

Consider the location’s overall safety. Is the glamping site situated in a safe area? Research local crime rates and check if there have been any safety incidents reported in the vicinity. Your safety is paramount, so it’s important to choose a location where you feel secure.

Activities and Entertainment

Part of the charm of a glamping getaway is enjoying activities and entertainment in the great outdoors. Look for glamping sites that offer on-site activities that align with your interests. Hiking trails, biking routes, fishing spots, or even guided nature walks can make your experience more immersive and enjoyable.

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Check if there are organized group activities available at the glamping site. These activities can provide a great opportunity to bond with your girlfriends and create lasting memories. Wine tastings, cooking classes, or even yoga sessions can add a touch of fun and relaxation to your getaway.

Research nearby attractions or events that you can explore during your stay. Whether it’s visiting local landmarks, attending festivals, or enjoying live music, having access to exciting off-site activities can enhance your glamping experience and provide a diverse range of entertainment options.

How To Choose The Perfect Glamping Site For A Girls Getaway

Food and Dining Options

Food is an important aspect of any getaway, and glamping is no exception. Check if the glamping site offers on-site dining options. Some sites have their own restaurants or cafes, providing a convenient and delicious dining experience.

Research nearby restaurants or grocery stores in the surrounding area. This will give you a sense of the dining options available outside the glamping site. Whether you’re looking for gourmet cuisine or casual eateries, knowing what’s nearby will help you plan your meals and satisfy any culinary cravings.

Consider the availability of kitchen facilities if you prefer to cook your meals. Having access to well-equipped kitchens can give you the freedom to prepare your own gourmet feasts or whip up quick and easy snacks.

Accessibility and Transportation

When choosing a glamping site for a girls’ getaway, accessibility and transportation are important factors to consider. Evaluate the distance from major cities or towns. If you prefer a more secluded experience, a longer drive may be worth it. However, if you want to explore nearby attractions or have easy access to amenities, a closer location may be more suitable.

Check the availability of public transportation or shuttle services if you’re not planning on driving. Some glamping sites offer shuttle services to nearby towns or attractions, making it easier for you to explore the area without the need for your own vehicle.

Evaluate the accessibility of the glamping site for guests with mobility issues. If someone in your group has specific accessibility requirements, ensure that the site can accommodate their needs. Accessible pathways, ramp access, and ADA-compliant facilities are important considerations for a comfortable and inclusive stay.

By following these guidelines and considering each aspect, you’ll be well equipped to choose the perfect glamping site for a memorable and enjoyable girls’ getaway. From location and accommodation types to amenities, reviews, and activities, each element will contribute to creating an unforgettable experience in the great outdoors. Happy glamping!

How To Choose The Perfect Glamping Site For A Girls Getaway