Zion Glamping Adventures

Imagine immersing yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Zion National Park, surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes, without sacrificing the comforts of a luxurious getaway. At Zion Glamping Adventures, we offer you an unforgettable experience, where you can indulge in the ultimate fusion of elegance and nature. Awaken to panoramic views of towering red cliffs, relax in a cozy tent with plush bedding, and savor gourmet meals prepared for you under the stars. Whether you’re seeking adventure, tranquility, or a little bit of both, our glamping experience promises to leave you rejuvenated, inspired, and longing for more. Step into a world where wilderness and luxury intertwine seamlessly – welcome to Zion Glamping Adventures.

Zion Glamping Adventures

Accommodation Options

Luxury tents

At Zion Glamping Adventures, we offer luxury tents as a unique and comfortable accommodation option. Our tents are spacious and beautifully furnished, providing a cozy and luxurious experience surrounded by the natural beauty of Zion National Park. Each tent is equipped with comfortable bedding, electricity, heating, and ample storage space. It’s the perfect way to experience glamping at its finest.

Tree houses

For a truly magical experience, our tree houses provide a one-of-a-kind accommodation option. Nestled high up in the trees, these charming and cozy homes offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Equipped with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay, including hot showers, electricity, and heating, our tree houses provide a unique and unforgettable glamping experience.


Experience the charm of traditional nomadic living with our yurts. These round, spacious structures offer a unique and cozy atmosphere for your glamping adventure. Each yurt comes with comfortable bedding, heating, and electricity, ensuring a comfortable stay. Step inside and let the peaceful ambiance of the yurt transport you to a different time and place.


For those who prefer a more rustic yet comfortable accommodation option, our cabins are the perfect choice. Nestled in the heart of nature, these cozy cabins offer a peaceful retreat. With hot showers, comfortable bedding, and heating, you’ll have all the amenities you need for a relaxing stay. Wake up to the sounds of birds chirping and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the great outdoors.


Hot showers

After a long day of exploring the beauty of Zion National Park, nothing beats a refreshing hot shower. At Zion Glamping Adventures, we provide hot showers in all our accommodations, ensuring your comfort and relaxation throughout your stay. Whether you’ve been hiking, rock climbing, or horseback riding, a hot shower is the perfect way to rejuvenate and unwind.

Complimentary toiletries

We understand that packing toiletries can be a hassle, so we provide complimentary toiletries in every accommodation. From shampoo and conditioner to body wash and lotion, we’ve got you covered. Freshen up and feel pampered during your glamping adventure at Zion Glamping Adventures.

Electricity and heating

While glamping offers a unique opportunity to disconnect from the busy world, we understand the importance of staying connected and keeping warm. That’s why all our accommodations come with electricity and heating. Charge your devices, stay connected with loved ones, and enjoy a cozy and comfortable stay no matter the season.

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Comfortable bedding

A good night’s sleep is essential for a memorable glamping adventure. Our accommodations at Zion Glamping Adventures are equipped with comfortable bedding to ensure you wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Sink into soft pillows and plush mattresses as you unwind in the serenity of nature.



Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Zion National Park by embarking on a hiking adventure. With stunning trails ranging from easy to challenging, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner, our knowledgeable staff can recommend the best trails for your skill level and interests. Lace up your hiking boots and get ready to explore the wonders of nature.


For the adventurous souls, canyoneering in Zion National Park is a must-do activity. Experience the thrill of rappelling down towering cliffs, navigating narrow slot canyons, and swimming through pristine pools of water. Our experienced guides will ensure your safety and provide all the necessary equipment for an unforgettable canyoneering experience.

Rock climbing

Challenge yourself and conquer the majestic cliffs of Zion National Park through rock climbing. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or a beginner, there are routes suited to all skill levels. Our experienced guides will provide instruction, gear, and support, ensuring a safe and exhilarating rock climbing experience.

Horseback riding

Explore the rugged beauty of Zion National Park on horseback. Ride through scenic trails, taking in the stunning vistas and natural wonders alongside these magnificent animals. Our guided horseback riding tours are suitable for riders of all levels, from beginners to experienced equestrians. Saddle up and embark on a memorable equestrian adventure.

Mountain biking

For those who prefer a faster pace and adrenaline-pumping thrills, mountain biking in Zion National Park is the perfect activity. With trails catering to all skill levels, you can peddle through the stunning landscapes while enjoying the rush of speed. Bring your own bike or rent one from us, and get ready for an exciting mountain biking experience.

Guided Tours

Zion National Park

Embark on a guided tour of Zion National Park and discover its hidden gems. Our knowledgeable guides will lead you through the park, providing insights into its history, geology, and wildlife. From the famous Zion Canyon to lesser-known trails, you’ll get to explore the best that Zion National Park has to offer.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Extend your adventure beyond Zion and explore the captivating Bryce Canyon National Park. Join our guided tour and witness the unique landscapes of hoodoos, natural amphitheaters, and colorful rock formations. Learn about the park’s geology and take in the breathtaking vistas that make Bryce Canyon a must-visit destination.

The Narrows

For an unforgettable outdoor experience, join our guided tour of The Narrows. This iconic hike takes you through a narrow slot canyon, with towering walls and a pristine river to traverse. Our experienced guides will ensure your safety and provide the necessary equipment for an exhilarating journey through this natural wonder.

Angels Landing

For the brave and adventurous, our guided tour of Angels Landing is not to be missed. This challenging hike rewards you with stunning panoramic views of Zion National Park. With sheer drop-offs and narrow cliffs, it’s not for the faint of heart. Our experienced guides will lead you safely to the top, where the awe-inspiring vistas await.

Zion Glamping Adventures

Dining Options

On-site restaurants

After a day filled with adventure, satisfy your appetite at our on-site restaurants. Indulge in delicious meals made with local ingredients, showcasing the flavors of the region. From hearty breakfasts to mouthwatering dinners, our chefs will ensure you have a memorable dining experience in the heart of nature.

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Picnic areas

Enjoy a picnic surrounded by the beauty of Zion National Park. We provide designated picnic areas where you can relax, unwind, and savor a delicious meal amidst breathtaking scenery. Pack a picnic basket with your favorite treats or let us prepare one for you, complete with a variety of gourmet options.

Cooking facilities in accommodations

If you prefer to prepare your own meals, our accommodations come with cooking facilities, allowing you to create culinary delights in the heart of nature. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast before hitting the trails or a cozy dinner under the stars, you’ll have all the necessary equipment to cook up a delicious feast.

Nighttime Entertainment

Campfire storytelling

Gather around a crackling campfire and listen to captivating stories shared by our experienced guides. Learn about the history, legends, and folklore of Zion National Park and its surrounding areas. Let the warmth of the fire and the enchanting tales transport you to a world of wonder and imagination.


Escape the city lights and be mesmerized by the brilliance of the night sky at Zion Glamping Adventures. With minimal light pollution, the stars come alive, creating a breathtaking celestial display. Lay back, gaze at the twinkling constellations, and be awed by the beauty of the universe.

Live music performances

Sit back, relax, and enjoy live music performances under the starry sky. From talented local musicians to captivating guest performers, our live music events provide the perfect soundtrack to your glamping experience. Let the melodies envelop you as you unwind and soak in the soothing nature of Zion National Park.

Family-Friendly Activities

Junior ranger programs

Engage your little ones with our junior ranger programs. Led by experienced guides, these interactive programs teach children about the environment, wildlife, and conservation efforts. Through fun activities and hands-on experiences, they’ll learn to appreciate and protect the natural wonders of Zion National Park.

Nature scavenger hunts

Embark on a nature scavenger hunt with your family and explore the wonders of Zion National Park in a playful and interactive way. Follow clues, discover hidden treasures, and learn about the flora and fauna that call this park home. It’s a great way to bond as a family while fostering a love for nature.

Fossil exploration

Step back in time and explore the ancient history of Zion National Park through fossil exploration. Join our knowledgeable guides on a fossil-hunting adventure, where you’ll discover remnants of long-extinct creatures. Learn about paleontology and the fascinating world of fossils as you uncover these incredible treasures.

Special Events and Packages

Wedding packages

Celebrate your love in the midst of nature with our wedding packages. Whether you dream of a picturesque outdoor ceremony or an elegant reception under the stars, Zion Glamping Adventures can create a magical and unforgettable wedding experience. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to ensure every detail is taken care of, allowing you to focus on making memories that will last a lifetime.

Honeymoon getaways

Escape the chaos of everyday life and embark on a romantic honeymoon getaway at Zion Glamping Adventures. Our honeymoon packages offer a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, allowing you to create cherished memories together. From private candlelit dinners to couples’ massages, let us make your honeymoon a truly special and romantic experience.

Team-building retreats

Enhance teamwork, strengthen bonds, and inspire creativity with our team-building retreats. Amidst the beauty of Zion National Park, your team can engage in various activities designed to foster collaboration and communication. From challenging outdoor adventures to group workshops, our team-building retreats will leave your team energized and motivated.

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Nearby Attractions

Zion Canyon Scenic Drive

Take a leisurely drive along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive and marvel at the stunning landscapes that unfold before you. From towering cliffs to lush greenery, this scenic route offers breathtaking views at every turn. Stop at various viewpoints along the way and capture the beauty of Zion National Park with your camera.

Zion Human History Museum

Delve into the rich history of Zion National Park at the Zion Human History Museum. Explore exhibits that showcase the park’s cultural and natural heritage, providing insights into the people who have called this area home. From Native American artifacts to pioneer history, the museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the past.

Checkerboard Mesa

Admire the unique geological formation of Checkerboard Mesa, located in Zion National Park. This sandstone mountain showcases a distinctive pattern that resembles a checkerboard, hence its name. Snap photos of this natural wonder and marvel at the forces of nature that shaped this mesmerizing landscape.

Kolob Arch

Embark on a scenic hike to witness the awe-inspiring Kolob Arch, one of the world’s largest freestanding natural arches. Located in the remote Kolob Canyons section of Zion National Park, this hike offers solitude and breathtaking vistas along the way. The arch itself is a marvel of nature, providing a stunning backdrop for memorable photos.

Local Wildlife

Mule deer

Keep an eye out for the graceful mule deer that roam the forests and meadows of Zion National Park. With their distinctive large ears and slender bodies, these gentle creatures are a common sight. Watch them gracefully move through the landscape, adding to the natural beauty of the park.

California condors

Witness the majestic California condor, one of the rarest bird species in the world. Zion National Park is part of a successful condor recovery program, providing sanctuary for these magnificent birds. Spotting a condor soaring through the sky is a truly remarkable sight and a reminder of the importance of conservation efforts.

Bighorn sheep

Spot the elusive bighorn sheep as they navigate the rugged cliffs of Zion National Park. With their impressive horns and surefootedness, these iconic animals are a symbol of the park’s untamed wilderness. Observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat and marvel at their agility.

Golden eagles

Look to the sky and you may catch a glimpse of the powerful golden eagle soaring above. With their striking appearance and impressive wingspan, these birds of prey are a sight to behold. Keep an eye out for their distinctive flight patterns and listen for their piercing calls as they hunt and traverse the skies of Zion National Park.

From luxury tents to tree houses, Zion Glamping Adventures offers a range of unique and comfortable accommodation options. With amenities such as hot showers, complimentary toiletries, electricity, heating, and comfortable bedding, your glamping experience will be nothing short of extraordinary. The activities available at Zion Glamping Adventures cater to a variety of interests and skill levels. Whether you’re a hiking enthusiast, an adrenaline junkie, or looking for family-friendly activities, there’s something for everyone. Explore the beauty of Zion National Park through guided tours, including visits to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, The Narrows, and Angels Landing. When it comes to dining, you have the choice of on-site restaurants, picnic areas, or cooking your own meals in the accommodations. After a day filled with adventure, unwind with nighttime entertainment options such as campfire storytelling, stargazing, and live music performances. Families can take part in junior ranger programs, nature scavenger hunts, and fossil explorations, creating cherished memories for all. Special events and packages, including wedding packages, honeymoon getaways, and team-building retreats, offer unique experiences tailored to your needs. Nearby attractions such as the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, Zion Human History Museum, Checkerboard Mesa, and Kolob Arch offer further opportunities for exploration. Keep an eye out for the local wildlife, including mule deer, California condors, bighorn sheep, and golden eagles, adding to the incredible natural experience at Zion Glamping Adventures. With so much to offer, Zion Glamping Adventures is the perfect destination to immerse yourself in the beauty of Zion National Park in comfort and style.